Career Development

We at ACI provide the much needed resources for an employee’s career progression by promoting a learning environment. ACI puts a great deal of emphasis on continuous learning & development and encourages innovation at workplace. Career path takes a progression when an individual has learnt the necessary skills and fostered knowledge to be able to bring changes in his/her life and the surrounding environment. ACI deeply takes this matter into its thought process and promotes discussion session between the team leader and the team members so that work errors can be identified and reduced, proper advice can be circulated and proper idea can be given about future rewards and prospects. Other methods of development to bring career progression include internal and external training sessions, assigning challenging job assignments and assigning a skilled co-worker as a mentor. Nurturing empowerment among its employees and rewarding innovation is a part of ACI’s mission and vision. ACI motivates its employees to build SMART+C (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time bound & Challenging) objectives upon the fulfillment of which an employee can reach his/her ultimate career goal.